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Health September 2017

Published: Sep 12, 2017
  • 88 Irish nurses took up a job offer in the HSE’s ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign which cost €250,000 to run.  The take-up was deemed to be low and many nursing vacancies are still available throughout Ireland.
  • The HSE is seeking more resources to prepare for the Winter ahead.  August saw the highest level of people on trollies with 404 patients on them.  This year has also seen a 2% rise in A&E attendances. 
  • Ireland is now seeing record levels of skin cancer however major advances have been made in how to treat the disease.  Melanoma has trebled in the last 20 years with 90% of patients surviving after 5 years.  However, Ireland has the highest mortality rate in Europe for melanoma. 
  • There are now over 10,000 teenagers and children waiting to see an eye specialist in Ireland.    37,402 are currently waiting for an appointment with 11,275 on the list for over one year.  There are also 13,000 waiting for an actual operation and 1/3 of these have been waiting over a year also.
  • Ireland currently has over 677,000 people over the age of 66 and this figure is forecast to grow to 1.8m by 2050.  Currently 56,000 are receiving a home care service from the HSE with 4,600 on the waiting list for homecare.  As a whole for 2017, €370m is expected to be spent on these services. 
  • Minister for Health Simon Harris is seeking to secure a deal by the end of the year to provide free GP care to under 12’s.  The HSE paid €540m to doctors in 2016 for medical & GP card patient treatment.
  • Waiting lists increased by 9,000 in July and there are now 579,891 people waiting for treatment in Ireland to the end of July.  Minister for Health Simon Harris has described the waiting lists as disappointing.  

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