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Capital Securities

Capital Securities Corporation activities has centred since 2018, on researching the future commercial opportunities in respect of three key combined strategic Influencers for Ireland, over the next decade.

Brexit 2020 was expected to have an impact on Ireland’s economy. ESRI had predicted Ireland’s GDP 10 years after Brexit would be 2.6% lower in a deal scenario, and 5% in a dis-orderly no deal scenario. The Central Bank had predicted that a disorderly Brexit could reduce 2020 GDP to 0.7%, as against 4.1% otherwise. 

The ink has barely dried on a Brexit withdrawal agreement, when the Health impacts of Pandemic Covid 19 started to become a reality across the Globe. The Health, Economic, Societal change and Geopolitical consequences of Covid 19 will be long lasting. 


National – Strategic Investment Priorities and Outcomes

  1. Housing & Sustainable Urban Development (Compact Growth) 
  2. National Road Network (Enhanced Regional accessibility) 
  3. Rural development (Strengthened Rural Economies and Communities)
  4. Environmentally sustainable Public Transport (Sustainable mobility) 
  5. Enterprise Skills and Innovation Capacity (A strong economy supported by Enterprise, Innovation & Skills) 
  6. Airports and Ports (High quality international connectivity) 
  7. Culture Heritage & Sport (Enhanced Amenity and Heritage) 
  8. Climate Action (Transition to a low carbon and climate resilient society) 
  9. Water Infrastructure (Sustainable management of waste, water and other resources) 
  10. Education, Health and Childcare (Access to quality Childcare, Education and Health services)

Ireland ‘s– Three Long Term Strategic Influencers being researched by Capital Securities Corp

  1. Delivery of affordable and cost-efficient new Homes in the context of Rebuilding Ireland, within existing construction skills capacity, cost, housing demand and purchaser affordability.
  2. Project Ireland 2040 – National Planning Framework – infrastructure investment opportunities.
  3. Climate Action Plan – Ireland’s Targets 2021- 2030


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